DSMMDeutsche Studiengruppe Multiples Myelom (German: German Study Group on Multiple Myeloma)
DSMMDifferential Susceptibility to Media Effects Model (study)
DSMMDatabase of Simulated Molecular Motions
DSMMDepartment of Survey and Mapping Malaysia
DSMMDos Santos Maintenance Médicale (French: Dos Santos Medical Maintenance)
DSMMDurgapur School of Mass Media and Management (India)
DSMMDansk Selskab for Muskuloskeletal Medicin (Danish: Danish Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine)
DSMMDansk Selskab for Maritim Medicin (Danish: Danish Society of Maritime Medicine)
DSMMDynamic Schedule Management Mechanism
DSMMDiabetes Self-Management Model
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The DSMM approach adopted here may improve on existing methods applied in Australia and internationally that typically involve relatively crude, single estimates of reference SOC over broad soil geographic units.
Despite the recent advances in DSMM, there are still no clearly articulated, easily interpreted, universal quantitative models to describe the occurrence and distribution of most important soil properties.
In Australia and around the world, the application of DSMM techniques appears to be gaining wider acceptance in recent years, with active DSMM projects being particularly driven through the GlobalSoilMap.
Despite the increasing acceptance of DSMM in Australia and worldwide, some reluctance to adopt the techniques appears to remain among at least some soil scientists (Hartemink et al.
The presentation of such readily applied and understood DSMM products is the major aim of this paper.
The results should facilitate the prediction of soil properties at specific sites in this province with readily available field data, without relying on complex data sources and computer systems as in most currently applied DSMM strategies.
Other models developed for OC DSMM projects in Australia and overseas for areas >500 [km.
They may thus provide a potentially useful introduction to many soil scientists to the whole DSMM arena.
Where most web analytics and reporting systems provide the view of an X-ray, WebMetro's DSMM Advantage 3.
Upgrading from standalone UNIX rapid map scanning and publishing solutions from Intergraph, DSMM required an integrated, expanded solution with interoperability across multiple GIS, cartographic, and photogrammetric applications.
Using GeoMedia(R) technology to facilitate seamless access across a variety of applications and formats, DSMM expects to streamline daily mapping workflows, reducing the time and cost associated with the creation, modification, and extraction of geospatial data.