DSMPDistributed Session Management Protocol
DSMPDemand Side Management Programme (various locations)
DSMPData and Safety Monitoring Plans (clincal trials)
DSMPDécolletage Spécialisé des Matières Plastiques (French: Décolletage Specialized Plastics)
DSMPDiabetes Self-Management Program
DSMPData Service Management Platform
DSMPDredging Safety Management Program
DSMPDigital Signal Microprocessor
DSMPDigital Sending Module Protocol (Hewlett Packard)
DSMPDaughters of Saint Mary of Providence, Guanellians (religious order)
DSMPDistribution, Shelving, Merchandising, Pricing
DSMPDistributed Symmetric Multiprocessing
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DSMP supports the psychological health of the Foreign Affairs community through education, assessment, counseling, referral services and resilience-building before, during and after deployment.
A client who used the counseling services told DSMP she appreciated the constructive feedback and "felt comfortable sharing in an environment that was free from judgment and full of acceptance and practical solutions.
The FLO and DSMP teams therefore strive to reach separated employees and family members to ensure they are aware of the available services.
Employees and family members can learn more about the partners' resources and services provided by visiting the FLO and DSMP Web pages at state.
Alternatively, the DSMP may not have adequately examined the scope of self-management in this age group.
As the new processes began to operate fully in 2000, the DSMP team realized that our earlier CPFR deployment had generated conversations only about demand, not supply.
The DSMP paid off as we successfully navigated several new product introductions and the holiday selling seasons.
At the outset of the DSMP, we could only meet a four-week channel forecast 70 percent of the time.
Section 2 describes the DSMP architecture and multigrain shared memory, and presents our performance metrics for DSMPs.
We also describe what we call DSMP families, and present a performance framework that allows us to reason about the performance of applications on DSMPs based on the notion of DSMP families.
A DSMP is a distributed shared-memory machine in which each DSM node is itself a multiprocessor.
Williams service facilities, DSMP at Freightliner service locations and Prevost.