DSPADesmodus Rotundus Salivary Plasminogen Activator (vampire bat saliva-derived anticlotting agent)
DSPADigital & Screen Printing Association (UK)
DSPADry Sprinkler Powder Aerosol (fire suppression)
DSPADuluth Seaway Port Authority (Minnesota)
DSPADigital Signal Processing Applications
DSPAdigital subtraction pulmonary angiography
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Os participantes com uma representacao de Vinculacao Insegura (mae) apresentam valores medios mais elevados nas dimensoes de perfeccionismo: DSPA (M= 11,65; DP = 2,91;p = 0,000), PCE (M= 29,36; DP = 7,09;p = 0,017), EP (M= 11,63; DP = 3,69;p = 0,000), e, CP (M-12,12; DP = 3,61;p = 0,000).
The new finding suggests that DSPA doesn't sabotage brain cells, says study coauthor Robert L.
In the new study, published in the journal Stroke, researchers injected either DSPA or rt-PA into the brains of mice and tracked the survival of brain cells.
Having conducted prospective DSPA testing on tens of thousands of patients since 2009, Strand Diagnostics has documented that approximately 1% of cases receiving a positive cancer diagnosis are subject to undetected tissue transposition or contamination which could lead to a cancer diagnosis being assigned to the wrong patient.
Ensure full coordination with DSPA and CAR administration:
It was only the third time that the fire department had used a DSPA which can only be used during certain conditions.
DSPA elected Yasin Ghobishi, as its secretary-general, as well as new executive and political committees.
aspects of anti-poaching and law enforcement in DSPA and participating in effective operation of day-to-day
Therefore, in April 2010, we merged DSPA, our other U.
A merger between Sepracor and DSPA is also expected to be completed on April 1, 2010.
With SAS OnDemand, DSPA will have a globally accessible, fully regulatory compliant repository for all of its clinical data.
com) today announced that it has acquired DSPA Software Inc.