DSPEDispersive Solid Phase Extraction
DSPEDivision System Product Engineer
DSPEDry Solid Polymer Electrolyte
DSPEDivision of Special Education (Botswana Ministry of Education)
DSPEDigital Signal Processing Electronics
DSPEDirecção de Serviços de Prospectiva Estratégica
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Le DSPE a mis en avant, lae1/4aoactivit[euro]u[c] des unit[euro]u[c]s sp[euro]u[c]cialis[euro]u[c]es dans la protection des mineurs.
The DSPE will be established at the detailed design phase for remedial measuresin Gazivoda/Pridvorica and detailed design for Mihaliq; and will be maintained throughout the project implementation phase and evenduring the initial period of the operations phase.
The DSPE is expected to consist of 4 panel members, including: (i) DamSpecialist (Dam Engineering Design and Construction) (who will act as Chairperson of the DSPE) (ii) Hydrology and HydraulicsSpecialist, (iii) Geotechnical Specialist, and (iv) Hydro Electrical and Mechanical Specialist.
The high court bench held that the CBI was neither an organ nor a part of the Delhi Special Police Establishment ( DSPE) and that it cannot be treated as a " police force" constituted under the DSPE Act, 1946.
The HC upheld the constitutional validity of DSPE Act but said that a police force with powers to investigate cannot be set up through an executive order.
It said if the enactment of a new law is not possible, requisite amendments may be made in the DSPE Act.