DSPFDuplex Single Pass Feeder (scanner)
DSPFDetailed Standard Parasitic Format
DSPFDelaware Seashore Preservation Foundation (Ocean View, DE)
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But, DSPF files are very large and have redundant information for circuit simulation leading to unnecessarily long delays in accessing parasitics.
Such parasitic networks, often modeled as DSPF files, describe the parasitic resistance and capacitance of signal nets within an IC.
The new DSPF capability was developed in response to customer requests to help them better understand and manage parasitic structures on their ICs," said Gerhard Angst, president and CEO of Concept Engineering.
In addition, Intergraph will combine information from Enersource's applications including its SCADA and customer information systems for use with the Siemens DSPF engine.
By using standard interfaces such as DSPF, Verilog, VHDL and SDF, it is a critical link in a timing verification and timing-driven design flow.
Additionally, it is compatible with LEF/DEF, SPICE, DSPF and SDF formats.
At all times during the design cycle, even before layout is finalized, Star-RC provides complete DSPF and SDF back-annotation in these flows.
HIPEX supports standard output parasitic netlist files in SPICE, back-annotated schematic netlists, DSPF and SPEF formats.
Calibre xRC DSPF data formats and extraction methods have been optimized for Nassda's preferred hierarchical simulation flow for both signal and power network analysis," said Graham Bell, senior director of marketing, Nassda.
It supports both SDF and DSPF flows and takes the full set of Synopsys Design Constraints (SDC).
The tools in the ExtractionStage product suite read design data in GDSII, LEF/DEF, or Apollo formats, and create parasitic models in DSPF, SPEF, or SPICE formats.