DSPIDigital Speckle Pattern Interferometry
DSPIDecision Systems Plus, Inc (Des Plaines, IL)
DSPIDevice Server Provider Interface (Symbol Technologies)
DSPIDeserial Serial Peripheral Interface (computing)
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How should we understand this change in the Sector's name from 'penitentiary health care' to 'prison health care', as well as this shift in the management of the NPCHCP from the DSPI to the DPC, and of the "strategic and programmatic initiatives" for "primary care", in the context of the roll out of the Policy and the closure of the Sector?
Another alteration, the change in management of the NPCHCP from the DSPI to the DPC, due to the closure of the Sector, relates not so much to demographic terms, but rather to institutional terms.
Trilithic's 860 DSPI is a new release of the 860 DSP high-performance Signal Analyzer that is specially optimized for digital installations and interactive field operation.
The formation of DSPI is part of our continuing effort to address the needs of our customers," said Karl Jonletz, president and CEO of DSPI and Dornier Medical Systems, Inc.
The ultrasound instrument group of DSPI Acoustic Imaging, will remain in Phoenix, Ariz.