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DSQDisability Services Queensland (Australia)
DSQDéveloppement Social des Quartiers (French: Social Development of Neighborhoods)
DSQDelta Saxophone Quartet (est. 1984; UK)
DSQDirected Study Questions
DSQDirectorate for Standards and Quality (Vietnam)
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The temperature was kept at 280[degrees]C for 5 minutes, after which the VOC samples were characterized and quantified by DSQ II GC-MS.
El sobrenadante conteniendo los FAMEs se empleo para determinar la composicion de acidos grasos por cromatografia de gases-espectrometria de masas (cromatografo Thermo Scientific Focus GC y espectrometro de masas Thermo Scientific DSQ II).
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Drake & Scull International PJSC (DSI), DSQ has secured $353.
Summary: DUBAI -- Drake & Scull Qatar, or DSQ, a wholly owned subsidiary of Drake & Scull International, or DSI, a regional market leader in integrated design, engineering and construction disciplines of Civil Contracting, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP), and Water and Power sees progressive tender activities and expects a substantial pick up in the Qatari construction index in Q2.
Images of disability in Sports Illustrated for Kids", Disability Studies Quarterly, DSQ, 21-2; pp.
Our civil contracting unit is now operational and has been qualifying for competitive bids across the residential and hospitality industries and we expect the civil business to contribute significantly to the growth of DSQ in 2012.
La pirolisis de las muestras se realizo en un dispositivo Pyrojector (SGE instruments) conectado a un sistema de GC/MS Finnigan Trace GC Ultra asociado a un espectrometro de masas Trace DSQ.
We acquired DSQ in expectation of tapping into the liquid markets of Qatar, so we are very pleased to see rapid progress in Qatar in line with our horizontal growth strategy", said Khaldoun Tabari, CEO of DSI.
DSQ (distancia semantica quantitativa) -- seleciona quais palavras, dentre as definidoras com maiores PS, sao imprescindiveis para definir um conceito e quais sao complementares para uma eventual definicao.
The DSQ is a 16-item measure of the occurrence and intensity of DSM-IV panic attack symptoms.
The DSQ II single quadrupole mass spectrometer provides an effective method for the accelerated analysis of flame retardants and pesticides in drinking water.
The version of the DSQ used in the present study was one that has been modified for more appropriate use within a New Zealand sample (see Taylor & Deane, 2000).