DSRDDepartment of State and Regional Development (Victoria, Australia)
DSRDData Systems Research and Development (Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Tennessee)
DSRDDrug Safety Research and Development
DSRDDepot Support Requirement Document
DSRDDatamax Software Resource Directory (Datamax Bar Code Products Corporation; Orlando, FL)
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A specialist unit within DSRD helps promote the services available from the public sector, with particular attention to multilateral financial institutions such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank and major aid agencies.
In a report released in late June, the Public Accounts Committee found that NSW avoided much of the wastage and excesses of other governments in Australia and overseas and commended the NSW Treasury and DSRD.
Public Accounts Committee Chairman, Joseph Tripodi MP, said "to a large extent, DSRD has been taking credit for investment that was going to happen anyway".
A survey of NSW exporters conducted by Business Asia/Overseas Trading, however, found most were happy with the support given and the overall performance of the DSRD.
The survey, sent to small and large exporters throughout the State, asked whether the DSRD was effective in several key criteria.
The survey respondents rated the DSRD quite highly on all counts.
There are a number of specialist programs run by the DSRD which are also available throughout NSW.
Overall, the DSRD report suggests that NSW remains the State of choice for both financial investment and residential settlement due to its diversity in industries, as well as its successful and stable export economy.
The compressor cells are modulator thyristors for 100 ns cells, DSRDs for nanosecond cells and SASs for sub-nanosecond cells.