DSTBDanish Software Testing Board (Denmark)
DSTBDigital Set Top Box
DSTBDivision Special Troops Battalion
DSTBDeep Space Test Bed (US NASA)
DSTBDie Strohhutbande (German: The Straw Hat Gang)
DSTBDeutscher Stenografenbund e.V. (German: German Federal Government Stenographer)
DSTBDark See-Thru Blue (guitars)
DSTBDaiwa Securities Trust and Banking (India)
DSTBDouble-Sampling with Time-Borrowing (computing)
DSTBDecision Support Toolbox (USMC)
DSTBDirect Support Tactical Broadcast
DSTBDead Simple to Build (boats)
DSTBDeployable Site Transport Boundary (US Marine Corps)
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A tribute to the brand's 250th anniversary, the DSTB is a testament to its heritage, vision and Haute Horlogerie ingenuity.
The 250th anniversary edition of the DSTB will be limited to just 50 timepieces -- underscoring the brand's commitment to exclusivity and excellence.
TISNet is a subsidiary of Tatung Company, currently responsible for Tatung Company's worldwide DSTB, NPVR, digital home product sales, and software development and technical support.
The MCF40001 supports features designed to enable DSTB manufacturers to customize their product's "look and feel" and provide value to the end user, including "BIT-BLT," (bit block transfer), zooming, video scaling and flicker filtering.
The MCF40001 is designed specifically to be used in OpenCable(R) DSTB applications.