DSUMDead Sea Ultra Marathon (Jordan)
DSUMData Summary (software)
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The LG DSUM, the main fund-raising event for the SCNP, raises awareness towards the Society's existence, provides neurological patients with medical aid, and helps cover the costs of necessary surgeries.
Ghazi Farouq stated that the President of the SCNP, HRH, Prince Firas Bin Raed, is always keen to follow up on the details and preparations of the 16th edition of the DSUM, to make this year's event a distinct by all standards.
He also added, "The LG DSUM is a great source of pride for us, at the SCNP, as it promotes awareness, and also helps those in need.
The LG DSUM has an impressive track record since it first started, and I especially look forward to this year, as we celebrate the 16th anniversary in triumph.