DSUPDetlef Schulz und Partner (German: Detlef Schulz and Partners; accounting)
DSUPDetective Superintendent
DSUPDoctoral Students in Urban Planning (Illinois)
DSUPDefense System Upgrade Program
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Origem ou Comunidades reestruturacao (ano) Parque Oswaldo Cruz/Morro do Amorim 1901 Comunidade Vila Uniao 1915 e 1955 Parque Carlos Chagas/Varginha 1941 Parque Joao Goulart 1951 Comunidade Vila Turismo 1951 Centro de Habitacao Provisoria no 2 (CHP2) 1951 Conjunto Habitacional Nelson Mandela 1990 Conjunto Habitacional Samora Machel 1991 Comunidade Mandela de Pedra 1995 e 2010 Comunidade Embratel/Samora II 2001 Comunidade Vitoria de Manguinhos/ Conab/Cobal 2002 Comunidade/Condominio CCPL Comunidade Embratel II/Condominio Embratel 2007 e 2010 Condominio DSUP 2010
sources say, will be a self-protection suite with a performance level as good if not better than that for which the DSUP aimed.
The DSUP program had been categorized as high risk due to the performance (or lack thereof) of the AN/ALE-55 fiber-optic towed decoy.
Though a decision to terminate the DSUP may not yet be official, the blame game has already begun.
The systems to be procured in the final configuration for the $480-million DSUP include a number of self-protection enhancements.
The DSUP installs a number of self-protection enhancements.
The source added, however, that the SPO would most likely turn down the AIL alternative and continue with the currently planned DSUP enhancements.
The DSUP will use portions of the IDECM RF subsystem, including an internal techniques generator and fiber-optic towed decoys deployed from one of two ALE-50 dispensers.
As subsystem integration team leader, Sanders will also integrate the other main element of the B-1B DSUP, the Lockheed Martin Electronic Defense Systems ALR-56M radar warning receiver.
A contract option to study the application of the RFCM to support the B-1B Defensive System Upgrade Program (DSUP) was exercised at the start of the EMD program, and the Sanders/ITT team is now working with Rockwell North American Aircraft Division (NAAD) to define a DSUP architecture that incorporates the Common IDECM RFCM.
Seal Beach, CA), should assess the technical feasibility of leveraging IDECM for the B-1 DSUP.
Delayed over the past several years by both congressional skepticism over the B-1B platform and a lack of Air Force funding in its initial FY96 program objectives memorandum, the DSUP now appears to be receiving solid support from Capitol Hill.