DSWCDivision of Soil & Water Conservation (state government)
DSWCDave Schultz Wrestling Club (Dave Schultz Wrestling Foundation)
DSWCDocklands Sailing and Watersports Centre (UK)
DSWCDigital Stall Warning Computer
DSWCDepartment of Soil and Water Conservation (various locations)
DSWCDisposable Solid Waste Cask
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Sky has now written to all customers who had a warranty with DSWC, Nationwide Digital or Satellite to con rm it will provide free support to any affected customer who needs a repair or service visit.
The DSWC was assigned responsibility to work with soil and water conservation districts (SWCDs) and NRCS to conduct an operation review of all farms annually.
After recognizing the magnitude of the workload for developing and implementing 3,400 animal waste management plans, NRCS and DSWC adopted a policy to provide assistance only to existing operations, leaving new and expanding farms to depend upon integrator support or other private assistance.