DSWMDepartment of Solid Waste Management (Miami, FL)
DSWMDivision of Solid Waste Management (of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation)
DSWMDepartment of Sanitation and Waste Management (various nations)
DSWMDigital Sampling Watt Meter
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Many of the environmental legislative initiatives of the 1970s had a significant impact on the configuration and financial condition of the DSWM.
In addition to collection and disposal, today's DSWM provides code enforcement, illegal dumping prevention and clean-up, a variety of recycling programs, household hazardous waste collection, and other services to the community.
By the end of Fiscal Year 1994-1995, the DSWM was "right-sized" as operations were scaled back in accordance with its reduced role as a disposal service provider; the department eliminated more than 300 positions resulting in approximately $22 million of annualized savings.