DTCODigital Tachograph (trademark of Continental Automotive)
DTCODirect Coating, Inc. (stock symbol; San Bruno, CA)
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Furthermore, when we added DTCO to a conventional sulfenamide cure of NR, we observed little reversion and excellent dynamic properties with low heat build-up.
Similarly, on heating DHTS in the presence of TBBS and sulfur via the DSC technique, lower quantities of DTCO could be measured.
To document and archive the data via a workshop key, workshops also use DTCO Workshop Report.
VDO has begun to market DTCO SmartLink, a small connectivity module that is linked to the digital tachograph (DTCO) and transmits data to a mobile device via Bluetooth.
Connected with the tachograph via the DTCO SmartLink, the versatile software solutions make daily driving appreciably more efficient and more comfortable.
Only security chips from Infineon Technology are installed in Continental s new generation of digital tachographs VDO DTCO.