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DTEDDigital Terrain Elevation Data
DTEDDepartment of Trade and Economic Development
DTEDDevoted to Erica Durance (fan site)
DTEDDaily Threshold Effect Dose (soil)
DTEDDigital Topographic Elevation Data
DTEDDepartment of Teacher Education and Development
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Geological Survey SRTM DTED Level 1 Data (3-arc see).
DFEEST (Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology) and DTED (Department of Trade and Economic Development) (2005), South Australia's Skills Action Plan, Adelaide.
Fully exploiting all space-based and airborne radar assets for all GMTI, DTED, and meteorological information is fully consistent with the Transformation Fright Plan's networkcentric collaborative targeting (NCCT) concept, an operating system designed to fully integrate air, space, and surface ISR assets at the digital level.
When terrain teams support operations, particularly special or airborne operations or military operations on urbanized terrain, high-resolution geospatial data (such as DTED and Imagery of 1 meter) is often required.
These new DTED maps, when used with global positioning satellite technology, will allow all US military aircraft -- especially SOCOM aircraft -- to make even better use of CAAP and other navigation system upgrades and further reducing the C-130's reliance on TF radar.
In the previous two phases of the ATD, AFSOC produced some successes in reducing terrain-following radar emissions by modifying an APQ-164 radar and supplementing it with DTED data; testers also tried replacing the radar with a LADAR.
This is different from the DTED (a grid-based elevation model) and the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) produced by the United States Geological Survey (USGS).
Do the acronyms ADRG, CADRG, CIB, and DTED (1) make you wonder what those NIMA guys are babbling about?