DTESDesert Trails Elementary School (Paradise Valley, AZ)
DTESDown Town East Side (Canada)
DTESDaniel Thoby Études Services (French: Daniel Thoby Studies Services)
DTESDown To Earth Software, Inc. (Pompano Beach, FL)
DTESDistributed Tactical Exploitation System (TENCAP system)
DTESDigital Traffic Enforcement System (UK)
DTESDCGS Test and Evaluation Strategy
DTESDolphin Terrace Elementary School (El Paso, TX)
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It is time for other areas of the city, and other cities entirely, to take some responsibility, to welcome current DTES residents, particularly Aboriginal residents and to end the cycle of ghettoization, he believes.
Drawing on the image of the illegal prostitute as an eternal outsider who cannot be displaced because she has no place (Sanchez, 2004), as victims of their own creation (Razack, 2002), police and civic officials were slow to accept that the women were not simply transient, had not just fled the DTES and their stigmatized lives (Pratt, 2005).
Insite, located in the DTES of Vancouver, is a small injection facility with twelve individual booths that afford PWID with free sterile injection supplies to inject illicit drugs under the supervision of a registered nurse (11) (Figure 1).
Statements made by cabinet ministers indicate not only that the government recognized that the conditions in the DTES were problematic, but also that the government was reconstructing the health care emergency of IDU from a unique Vancouver problem to a problem spanning the entire country.
While 5 of the 10 million dollars given were earmarked for SFU's capital campaign and general upkeep of Contemporary Arts' new performance facilities, the other half was to be placed in an endowment fund to support SFU Woodward's Cultural and Community Program Unit, whose mandate is to partner with DTES community organizations, (7) other non-profit cultural organizations in the city, and SFU faculty, staff and students on social justice forums, artistic workshops, youth clinics, film screenings, free community ticketing programs, and other projects that speak directly to the unique challenges faced by their most vulnerable, marginalized and at-risk constituents (see Vancity Office of Community Engagement).
33) One article, a retrospective population-based study of overdose mortality before and after the opening of Insite published in the Lancet medical journal, showed a 35% reduction in rates of fatal overdose in the DTES since Insite's opening.
present facsimiles of notes from early VANDU meetings which detail users' dissatisfaction and mistrust of many DTES service providers and community organizations and suggest that users are best able to support their peers and look after each other.
The divides occur, all in the space of a 20-30 minute leisurely walk in part, according to which residential streets lead to home in one of the four neighbourhood enclaves that make up this DTES space.
Since many of the coatings based on MeTMS cracked while many based on DTES were tacky and under-cured in 24 h, primary screening was extended to include coatings based on blends of MeTMS and DTES as the organosilane component.
In the DTES, his appearance, language and demeanour make him stand out as "an uptown Native, slumming" (2005: 181).
Imagery Analysts are primarily responsible for providing imagery and imagery analysis using both classified and unclassified imagery using the DTES and Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) commercial off the shelf (COTS) machines.