DTGTDiscrete Time Gabor Transform
DTGTDiamond Tech Glass Tiles
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Several studies researched DTGT to determine how it effects the gait of those with PD.
9 years with PD and 20 age-matched adults without PD participated in DTGT.
2012) utilized Nintendo Wii games as a modern approach to DTGT.
Typically, gait speed, stride length, cadence and balance have been found to be improved with DTGT using verbal cues to prioritize focus on the specifics of the walking gait (1,3,8,12).
The influence of the SC-OS mass ratio in the fuel mixtures can be well observed in the DTGT curves (Fig.
We just completed very successful TAB and Spring DTGT Meetings, held the second Surface EWG, briefed the proposed SCA compliance methodology to DOL, and provided "final" comments to AMC on the CRAF Study.
The DTGT meeting consisted of a speaker and round-tables in the morning, and three focused breakout sessions in the afternoon.
For those who attended the DTGT Meeting and the Fall Meeting, thank you