DTIRDebt To Income Ratio
DTIRDepartment of Training and Industrial Relations (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
DTIRDistinguished Teacher in Residence (California State University, San Marcos)
DTIRDefense Technical Intelligence Report
DTIRDaily Tip in Report (hockey)
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While DTIRs do not work solely within the Middle Level Program, each year we always have at least a DTIR.
For this reason, assets such as the DTIR program should be enhanced to seek out educators who can serve as future cooperating teachers for the Middle Level Program with the explicit purpose of putting the ideas and strategies addressed during methods coursework into actual practice.
Using the shared-supervision model for clinical practice and the DTIR Program as navigational tools for increased collaboration and dialogue between the university and its associated schools and districts, the transformation of public education via collaboration and partnerships moves one step closer to becoming the reality of the educational climate in San Diego County.