DTISDiagnostic Trade Integration Study (World Trade Organization)
DTISDepartment of Telecommunications and Information Services (San Francisco, California)
DTISDesign and Technology of Integrated Systems (in Nanoscale Era; international conference)
DTISDammit This Is Stupid (comedy troupe)
DTISDefense Technical Integration Services
DTISDon't Take It Seriously
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Given the high similarity of items in the DTIS, we decided to generate more items to assess implicit beliefs about intelligence somewhat more comprehensively than the DTIS.
This 4-item scale was constructed by simply replacing the word intelligence with creativity in the DTIS items to assess people's implicit theory of creativity (entity or incremental).
78 Questionnaire Table 2 Correlations Among the Implicit Intelligence and Creativity Scales DTIS MDYKTC YKTIS Factor Measure Loading r p r p r p DTIS .
A part of Daon, a leading provider of identity assurance software products worldwide, DTIS has facilitated more than 5.
He continued, "This state certification is just the latest demonstration of the capability of DTIS to provide a complete solution that includes the superior functionality of DaonEnroll[TM] for background checking and credentialing.
The DTIS offering provides a cost-effective solution for individuals who are required to obtain a criminal history background check, including those who work with vulnerable populations or have access to valuable corporate assets.
The positioning of 19 trade sectors according to their export potential and human development impact Human Export Potential Development Impact Low Medium High High Garments Tourism Medium-High Silk Rice Fishery Fruits and vegetables Medium Livestock Wood products Footwear Cashew nuts Light manufacturing Rubber Labour services Low-Medium Corn Soybeans Low Beer Cassava Web-based services Transport services Source Cambodia DTIS 2007
Best known for its role in airport security, DTIS was presented the eC3 award for its Central Identity Management System (CIMS) used in the US Registered Traveler (RT) Program.
According to Jack Ginsburg, Senior Vice President for Sales at Marketing at DTIS, "The ability to protect citizens and assets through background checks and identity assurance is crucial to both federal and state governments, as well as employers.
UNDP has served as a national coordinator representing the core IF agencies on the National Steering committee and managing the various missions in support of the DTIS.
At the national conference to present DTIS recommendations, the Minister of Industry, Trade and Marketing, Mr.
The Optra Color 1200n has made a significant impact on the service we've been able to provide to our students," said Rod Loucks, chief technology officer of DTIS.