DTLOMSDoctrine, Training, Leader Development, Organization, Materiel and Soldier
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DTLOMS stands for "Doctrine, Training, Leader Development, Organization, Materiel, and Soldier Support," and has been a model for developing a professional force for 25 years.
The center will focus and synchronize aggressive technical exploitation and science and technology (S&T) efforts, in addition to developing integrated DTLOMS solutions to protect forces and assure operational momentum against enemy employment of mines and booby traps.
The threat cue triggers exploitation of the threat architecture using our technology to quickly reverse engineer the threat cue and develop DTLOMS solutions from both internal resources and capitalization of worldwide countermine neutralization techniques and/or equipment (see Figure 2).
This resurgent effort orchestrated by the Army's new CCBTC will lead the charge to reverse this 60-year trend by focusing on the COE to synchronize DTLOMS integration and concentrate research and development efforts.
Add them to your list of key leaders in the Regiment--call on them, use them, embrace them, and talk to them about how we need to improve across DTLOMS as a combat arms member of the combined arms team.
The school commandants have direct responsibility over their branch-specific DTLOMS functions.
In an effort to change this, I developed a White Paper designed to provide that direction using the DTLOMS (doctrine, training, leaders, organizations, materiel, and soldiers) format.
The ENFORCE 2001 conference in May included a morning devoted to breakout sessions that allowed attendees to contibute to the DTLOMS process in some of the Regiment's most important issues, concerns, and programs that will have an immense impact on the Engineer Regiment during the Transformation.
Session notes were forwarded to the DTLOMS integrator's office in the Engineer School for further action as necessary.