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DTXDeadly Tactix (gaming clan)
DTXDelta Tau Xi (fraternity in National Lampoon's 'Animal House' movie)
DTXDowntown Crossing (band)
DTXDigital Training Exercise (US Army)
DTXDiscontinuous Transmission
DTxDirect Transmission
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Additional information on quarterly, semi-annual and annual trading room subscription packages as well as the ARCHER Software lease program is available by calling DTX at 888-422-5515 or by going to; http://daytradexchange.
The Levenhuk DTX series comprises high-quality digital microscopes that can be effectively used in electronics, jewelry, biology, zoology and a variety of other fields.
In addition, CoolFlow DTX is less expensive per litre than other RAC process cooling fluids.
When Fluke Networks launched the DTX CableAnalyzer Series in 2004, it redefined the market by providing testers with faster certification results - 75 percent faster - establishing it as the de facto industry standard.
DTX invites traders of all experience and those simply curious about day trading to watch and listen to our professional traders make live trade calls in the DTX trading room.
The DTX is a complete system for accurate HDD steering offering a wide range of flexibility.
Using the Fluke Networks DTX 1800 testers, ADC will test to 500 MHz on a full 100 meters of cable showcasing the high-performance features that lead more enterprises to install CopperTen for future-proofed networks.
The DTX CableAnalyzer features a 12-second CAT 6 autotest time, 900 MHz of testing bandwidth, 12-hour battery life and advanced troubleshooting diagnostics.
Following the successful introduction of the Versiv(TM) Cabling Certification System and the DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer(TM) in 2013, most of the company's customers have already begun migration from the DTX to the more powerful and cost-effective DSX model, which has been outselling the DTX by seven to one.
USANA's upgraded Hepasil DTX formula contains a proprietary blend of ingredients to maintain optimum liver support and aid in the body's detoxification processes.
The significance of Hepasil DTX is that it's designed to switch on these antioxidant and detoxification genes, allowing our bodies to better help protect itself.
Collins, Denver, Boulder) with Blue Sun Fusion B20 Biodiesel for the past 4 years -- an ultra-low sulfur fuel comprising 20% virgin oilseed-based biodiesel, from renewable US-grown crops, and 80% petroleum diesel and an advanced DTX performance additive.