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DUBYAW (slang for George Walker Bush; the 43rd US president)
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A drunk Dubya challenges his dad to an absurd punch-up; later he finds God, quits the booze (no AA though) and gets a governorship, having sworn never to be out-Texaned or out-Christianed after an early, bruising failure.
But despite hearing little but damning criticism of the US and its foreign policy from Putin for months, Dubya interestingly had only praise for Putin's characteristically direct approach (a lesson too late, sadly, for Mr Blair to learn).
Her husband won twice, Al Gore got more votes than Dubya in 2000, and John Kerry got more votes than Gore.
The most powerful man in the world shows little evidence of having read very much at all, apart from the profit margins of the American oil industry, for Dubya continues to prepare us all for war against Iraq with the apparently willing acquiescence of Tony Blair, who really should know better.
What the public knows about Bush's oil-field days has been turned up the hard way: Reporters from the Dallas Morning News, Time, and the Texas Observer have pored over Securities and Exchange Commission documents to piece together the story of Arbusto Energy, Bush Exploration, Spectrum 7, and finally Harken Energy, the company that provided Dubya his less-than-graceful departure from the oil business.
com announces news by Authors Jay Dubya and Vaughan Whitlock.
Dubya quipped: "You will now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask, what would George do?
And what bright spark down the dole office got Wee Dubya a job at NASA?
JIMMY Carter has branded Dubya Bush as the worst president in history and Tony Blair's support for him abominable and subservient.
His uber-loyalty to Dubya clearly outweighs his loyalty to the law, as the sickbed strong-arming of Ashcroft on illegal surveillance only clarifies.
Cheney's change has had its impact on Dubya, who as governor of Texas was much more willing to listen to the other side than he is today.
But waist deep in the muck of his second term, Dubya is looking positively Johnsonesque: He fights an increasingly unpopular war, he has federalized education to an unprecedented degree, and his most important legacy so far is the prescription drug program that represents the biggest expansion of Medicare since LBJ created that inefficient behemoth back in the 1960s.