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DUDESDepartment of Urban Development and Engineering Services (Bhutan)
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Dr John Parkinson, acting head of the School of Psychology at Bangor University, said the Food Dudes is the only programme in the UK which has been shown to bring about lasting changes in children's eating habits.
This year, Funky Divas and Dudes is expanding their influence by offering more dance classes at new schools and putting on more birthday parties.
Billed as the product the adult moist tissue market has been waiting for, Dude Wipes incorporated social packaging and humorous niche driven branding to change male hygiene routines and behavior, according to the company's "chief executive dude" Sean Riley.
The chorus was particularly catchy: "All the young dudes Carry the news Boogaloo dudes Carry the news.
By eating fruit and vegetables, the Dudes equip themselves with the superpowers they need to vanquish General Junk and his Junk Punks who are taking away the energy of the world by depriving it of healthy food.
The innovative and award-winning Food Dudes programme is coming to 30 schools in Coventry over three years.
Professor Fergus Lowe, head of the Food Dudes team and deputy vice-chancellor at Bangor University, said: "We are delighted the Food Dudes project has received this very prestigious award.
Developed at Bangor University, the Food Dudes are four superheroes who always win the day against the Junk Punks gang.
Our most common exclamations do not start as nouns referring to groups of ordinary people like dudes or guys at all.
I didn't have a stopwatch for ``Waiting,'' but I doubt 60 seconds goes by without some dude flashing, referencing or grabbing his private parts.
Sorry, no way to predict when you can expect the mystery dude to make his appearance.
When Fox Television shelved its two-hour reality special Seriously, Dude, I'm Gay just days before it was scheduled to air, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation declared a victory.