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DUIDriving Under the Influence
DUIDossier Unique Interactif (French: Unique Interactive Dossier)
DUIDial Up Internet
DUIDeclaració Unilateral d'Independència (Catalan: Unilateral Declaration of Independence)
DUIDélégation aux Usages de l'Internet (French: Internet Usages Delegation)
DUIData Under Interface
DUIDiagrammatic User Interface
DUIDigital User Interface
DUIDistributed User Interface
DUIDemocratic Union for Integration (The Former Yugolsav Republic of Macedonia)
DUIDistinctive Unit Insignia (US Army)
DUIDiving Unlimited International, Inc.
DUIDavis Unified Ignition
DUIDocumento Unico de Identidad (Spanish)
DUIDiplôme d'Université Interdisciplinaire (French: Interdisciplinary University Degree)
DUIDota Under the Influence (gaming clan)
DUIDynamic User Interface
DUIDocumento Único de Importación (Spanish)
DUIDuke University Improv
DUIData Use Identifier
DUIDave's Unique Ink (Vancouver, WA tattoo studio)
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Against announcer copy that reads, "All it takes is just one DUI to permanently scar you for life," young men and women are seen in different situations with the word "Loser" branded into their skin.
If we believe that your DUI charge should be dismissed, we'll relentlessly pursue that dismissal.
The "Mean Girls" star was arrested twice in 2007 - Beverly Hills in May and Santa Monica in July - for DUI of alcohol and cocaine.
8220;The yearly total of about 10,000 DUI related fatalities and the additional 6,400 lives lost over the last 13 years due to an increase in the percent of DUI fatalities, paints a grim picture of the nation's program to reduce DUI,” Crancer added.
com/news/kentucky-man-on-horse-arrested-for-dui/) arrested  for DUI as his blood-alcohol level was almost double the legal limit while he was riding a horse.
Hu said that of the 16 times Chou has been arrested for DUI since 2001, he has been sentenced 14 times, with the most recent prior conviction being in December, when he was sentenced to one and a half years in jail, but that it had not yet been implemented.
Right away I knew becoming better aware of ourselves as a 'whole person' was the key and quickly saw my two-pronged approach begin to breakdown resistance as both substance abuse and DUI clients reported quantified improvements in there lives and an increased desire for both attending group sessions and engaging in the group process.
Pena had previous DUI arrests from November 2001 and July 2003 in Kane County, court records show; information on his third DUI arrest was not available.
By booking a hotel or staying with a friend, you can avoid the pitfalls of having to drive to a location and risking a Salt Lake City DUI.
Some accusations na itong mga DUI na ito ay sanction ng pulis, kagagawan ng pulisdahan-dahan nating iso-solve ito,' dela Rosa added.
He covers lawyer advertising; client relations; driving, boating, and flying under the influence; motor vehicle division; pre-trial investigations; pre-trial motions practice; plea offers; trial; DUI investigations: driving and field sobriety testing; drug recognition evaluation; chemical testing; blood alcohol calculations for attorneys; expert witnesses, and DUI jury trial warpack.
For those who face DUI convictions, drunken driving can be a huge financial burden.