DUIIDriving (while) Under the Influence of Intoxicants
DUIIDriving Under the Influence Initiative (New Jersey)
DUIIData Unlimited International, Inc. (Rockville, MD)
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There have been no DUII arrests of police employees other than Espinoza since he's been at the department, Doney said.
That's double last year's total DUII arrests for the same time period, authorities said.
Officers will make every effort to find a vehicle reported as DUII, regardless of jurisdictional boundaries, he added.
When police told the man that he was under arrest for DUII, he allegedly refused to get out of the car.
Deputies working overtime issued three DUII citations Friday night and one early Saturday morning, the sheriff's office said.
Barbara Stoeffler serves on board of directors of the Lane DUII Victim Impact Panel and served for 13 years on a governor's advisory panel on DUII.
A search warrant was obtained for blood evidence in regard to the DUII charge because Trice refused a breath test, police said.
According to the appeals court's written opinion on the case, attorneys for the state had argued that Oregon law required prosecutors to protect the manslaughter and DUII convictions by not working to prove to a second jury that Davis had been the driver.