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DUKEDuta-Ulu Klang Expressway (Malaysia)
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And now," said the duke, raising it still six inches higher, "jump for the king.
Now, then," said the duke, and as he spoke, lowered the cane almost level with the ground; "Pistache, my friend, jump for the `Illustrious Coxcomb, Mazarin de Piscina.
Then the duke said openly that his dog had been killed by a drug with which they meant to poison him; and one day after dinner he went to bed, calling out that he had pains in his stomach and that Mazarin had poisoned him.
Every kind of revenge was practiced upon the duke by the governor in return for the insults of the innocent Pistache.
Sometimes, when Monsieur de Chavigny paid him a visit, the duke used to ask him what he should think if he saw an army of Parisians, all fully armed, appear at Vincennes to deliver him from prison.
And in his turn the duke bowed low to Monsieur de Chavigny.
With pleasure," the Duke answered, who loathed walking.
He seems pleased enough with us," the Duke remarked.
From my experience of him," the Duke said, "I don't think we shall know until he chooses to tell us.
I'll mention it," the Duke promised, "but I am afraid my womenfolk are scarcely up to this sort of thing.
In two and a hall years, Duke and his team collected nearly 15,000 plant specimens, by the end of which time he confesses he "fell madly in love with Latin America, particularly Panama, ethnobotany, and medicinal herbs.
2) Luke Duke (Johnny Knoxville, left) and Bo Duke (Seann William Scott) are ready for action in their beloved General Lee.