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DUKW[not an acronym] manufacturer's code for a type of military wheeled amphibious landing-craft (D means 1942, U means utility (amphibious), K means all-wheel drive, W means 2 powered rear axles)
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MAIB chief inspector Steve Clinch said: "The sinking of two Liverpool DUKWs in quick succession highlighted extremely poor standards of maintenance, and that for nearly 14 years they had operated with insufficient buoyancy foam to keep them afloat should they suffer major damage.
These craft include the amphibious DUKWs, LARCs and a 60-ton BARC.
The two vehicles are based on wartime DUKW craft - go-anywhere six-wheelers that first saw action in the D-Day landings.
These patent disputes were so trying that, as of spring 1943, nine of GM's contracts were still unsigned, although many of the projects were virtually complete - including the DUKW amphibious vehicle, another of OSRD's great wartime successes.
Only on August 18th, did the first vessel -- a DUKW -- make the passage from open sea to shore and it was another month before Cherbourg began to be useful.
In his time, he has owned an Aston Martin, Alvis, a Daimler, four or five Mercedes-and even a World War II DUKW amphibious craft.
Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) chief inspector Steve Clinch said it was "extremely fortunate" that none of the 33 passengers and crew on board the Duck vehicle Wacker Quaker 1, formally known as a DUKW, were drowned or injured when it sank in Salthouse Dock, in Liverpool, on June 15, 2013.
Merseyfully, all the tourists were evacuated before the brightly-painted Second World War DUKW landing craft disappeared beneath the waves.
This was a unique chance to explore the streets of central London onboard an ex-Second World War yellow amphibious DUKW (Duck) vehicle.
Around the bend of the river was the site of Richardson DUKW shipyard with its shipways still in use in those days by Head Wrightson who made the large dock gates and cylinders for many of Britain's docks.
Boston Duck Tours is a tour with a difference in brightly painted World War Two DUKW military trucks that can go on road or water.
There was also the chance to explore the museum's wider collections which include King George's Daimler and the DUKW, a truck which was used during World land and water.