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DUMADrug Use Monitoring in Australia (Australian Institute of Criminology; research study)
DUMADuke University Museum of Art
DUMADetect Unintended Memory Access (open-source library)
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A visit of the Estonian parliamentary delegation to Moscow and meetings with State Duma members took place," Petrov told Interfax, adding that unfortunately the events that followed spoilt the optimistic tone of bilateral relations.
He paid his gratitude to the Chairman State Duma for arranging parliamentary dialogue on Security issues.
Sindatu Karim, officer-in-charge of Pikit Police, said the attackers were positioned on high ground along the highway and ambushed the Dumas with M-14 armalite rifles.
Chairman of State Duma Sergey Naryshkin said Russia attaches importance to its relations with Pakistan and wants to further fortify them through enhanced cooperation in all fields.
Agricultural Dutch companies have announced that they see new opportunities in the two countries' ties," Duma said.
CAIRO - Prominent Egyptian youth leader Ahmed Duma was arrested on Tuesday for participating in a protest, his wife said, the third pro-democracy activist to be detained within a week.
Duma has signed a letter of intent to purchase 100 percent of Hydrocarb Corporation's outstanding stock.
At the same time, many people in Russia spoke out against the Duma legislation, including some in the Russian Orthodox Church as well as liberal critics of Mr.
MEPs from across the political spectrum seemed to agree with the assessment that the Duma elections were not fair and transparent.
Furthermore, no other Duma attracted such a voluminous pamphlet response; an indication that for contemporaries the battles over what a constitutional Russia would entail were fought out and resolved around the first Duma.
The elections to the lower house of parliament, the 450-deputy State Duma, are seen as a key test of Putin's ability to hold on to power as he prepares to reclaim his old Kremlin job in March's presidential elections.
NNA - 19/10/2011 - Loyalty to the Resistance bloc leader Mohammad Raad, currently on a visit to the Russian capital of Moscow, expressed hope on Wednesday that his bloc's deliberations with Russian Duma officials would result in augmenting communications and come out with set grounds for coordination and cooperation between both sides.