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DUSTOFFDedicated Unhesitating Service To Our Fighting Forces
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As the 421st MEB goes through this transformation, it is critically important to note that while the DUSTOFF mission and air ambulance companies are assigned to different headquarters, the personal and collective excellence of the Soldiers and their companies will not change.
Today, we honor the accomplishments of the Soldiers of DUSTOFF Europe.
The deployed Soldiers of DUSTOFF Europe include two forward support MEDEVAC teams in Afghanistan, the area support team in Iraq and a company headquarters, and maintenance and flight platoon in Kuwait.
These awards are only a small sample that demonstrate the dedication and spirit of the Soldiers who make up the 421st Medical Evacuation Battalion, DUSTOFF Europe.
From its history in Vietnam up through an expected return to Iraq in its future, the 45th will continue to demonstrate a complete commitment to the DUSTOFF motto: Dedicated, Unhesitating Support To Our Fighting Forces.
Combined crews comprised of an American Aircraft Commander and Crewchief, and a South Vietnamese Pilot and Medic began performing DUSTOFF missions.
As proud members of the DUSTOFF Europe team, all of the air ambulance companies remained decisively engaged in both training and deployments.
The operational tempo of all DUSTOFF units remains relatively unchanged.
Their spirit and commitment to the Dustoff mission lives on in every Soldier that wears the 236th patch.
Their courageous service and skill further distinguished them as one of Europe's premier Dustoff units and also garnered the crew a Rescue of the Year Award.
Recognizing a dire need for additional MEDEVAC aircraft in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, an urgent request for help went out to all Dustoff companies both stateside and in Europe not currently deployed.