DUTHDemocritus University of Thrace (Komotini, Greece)
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If you're looking for a human, though, you can turn to the creator himself, Duth Olec, though he be more enigmatic than anyone else - just ask the narrator, Wally Plotch, hired by Duth to record these events into a book.
Raised in Ellettsville and Bloomington, Indiana, Duth Olec now lives in the internet.
The Duth system of enterprise-level workers' participation, SE Europe, Report, Nov.
A shareholder group that owns a 20-percent stake in troubled Duth software maker Baan is opposing a takeover bid from Invensys Plc, but the company's general counsel says they have not held talks with any sharehold group.
The participants were Dimitris Rizos, Giorgos Kaissas, Natasa Garra, Mustafa Mustafa, Aichan Kara Yusuf, Grigoris Stogiannidis and Christos Karagiannidis, the Rector of the DUTH.
Sophia Vidalis , Professor of Forensic and Criminal Policy, DUTH, as a member.
Contract notice: Supply and installation of equipment for the needs of DUTH.