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DVB-RCSDigital Video Broadcasting - Return Channel Via Satellite
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The DVB Committee approved a standard--known as DVB-RCS, for Return Channel via Satellite, or EN 301 790 in ETSI--to provide two-way, full-IP, asymmetric communications via satellite.
This contract is a further confirmation of the growing uptake of the DVB-RCS standard", comments Mr Terje Ask-Henriksen, President Nera SatCom, a fully-owned subsidiary of Nera.
The new certification further endorses Gilat's SkyEdge II high-performance VSAT technology, confirming its fulfillment of the DVB-RCS standard and opening the option to interoperate with other DVB-RCS based satellite equipment.
The DVB-SCPC VSAT system is the right solution to complement our DVB-RCS hub and terminal product line," stated Don Osborne, president of ADVANTECH Satellite Networks.
There seems to be a growing support for DVB-RCS to be labeled the open standard for two-way satellite broadband VSAT industry," notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Venkat Malleypula.
Targeted at European small and medium sized enterprises, the service will offer satellite capacity based on the new DVB-RCS open standard to eliminate the cost and congestion of terrestrial networks and to connect customers directly to the Internet backbone.
LYSAKER, Norway -- STM Group today announced that its subsidiary, STM Norway AS, has entered into a contract for a new SatLink DVB-RCS hub with Telenor Satellite Broadcasting AS (TSBc).
June 6 /PRNewswire/ -- DVB-RCS, IPoS, and DOCSIS-for- Satellite continue to advance with little evidence that one will emerge as the dominant satellite modem technology.
ND SatCom, a global supplier of satellite-based broadband VSAT, broadcast and military communication network solutions, has been awarded a multimillion dollar contract to establish the complete DVB-RCS service platform for service provider Streamlink Communications in the Middle East.
Gilat markets the SkyEdge[TM] and SkyEdge II Product Family, which includes the SkyEdge Pro, SkyEdge IP, SkyEdge Call, SkyEdge DVB-RCS and SkyEdge Gateway.
MONTREAL, June 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Advantech Satellite Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Advantech AMT Inc, in collaboration with Hakusan Corporation and JSAT Corporation, has successfully demonstrated the industry's first DVB-RCS VSAT terminal operating in a mesh topology where each VSAT terminal relays data via satellite to another terminal.
In related agreements, Alcatel, under contract to SES GLOBAL, will expand and provide SATLYNX's product line to include a DVB-RCS platform (Digital video broadcasting -- Return channel by satellite), enabling highly efficient two-way broadband Internet access via satellite.