DVCPDynamic VPN Configuration Protocol
DVCPDee Valley Community Partnership (UK)
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Over 90% of DVCP consumers agreed or strongly agreed that the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables they bought at the market made a big difference in their or their family's diet.
Producers perceived benefits as well, and 55% said the extra sales and nonmonetary benefits of DVCP will lead them to continue with participating markets.
Many producers were making enterprise changes in response to DVCP programs, with 15% reporting increased acreage, 12% diversifying crops and 10% making investments for season extension.
In recognition of its superlative capabilities to deliver advanced enterprise security solutions through the innovative Firebox SSL VPN gateway and DVCP technology along with the UTM solution, Frost & Sullivan is proud to present WatchGuard with the Frost & Sullivan 2008 North American Technology Innovation of the Year Award.
Every Firebox in our product line, from the powerful Firebox II FastVPN to the small office / home office Firebox SOHO now uses DVCP - so setting up and managing a VPN has never been easier.
Network administrators use WatchGuard software to define each configuration aspect of the VPN, such as encryption algorithms and how often keys will be negotiated, then the settings are stored on a centrally located DVCP Server.