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DVD-RAMDigital Versatile Disc - Random Access Memory
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The RDVDC has also been administering and promoting the use of "RAM-Compatible" logos as an easy way for consumers to identify DVD-RAM compatible products in the market.
And, this year, sales of DVD-RAM units will grow by 116% over 2003.
Data is an organization's lifeline, and we make it our business to deliver best of breed data storage products that support the growing UNIX/Linux space, which is why we chose DVD-RAM technology as a core piece of that solution, " said Boyce McCorkle, President and CEO of Objective Data Storage.
But unlike DVD-ROM drives, which are read-only, DVD-RAM can also read and record onto a DVD-RAM disc.
The new DVD MULTI drives not only offer the industry's fastest recording speed with 5x DVD-RAM writing capability, but they provide users with the flexibility to read and write all DVD Forum approved formats, as well as CD-R, CD-RW and CD-ROM discs.
With Host Interface International, DVD-RAM discs can be formatted with standard Windows NTFS file formatting.
The convenience of being able to easily move the drive between FireWire- and USB-equipped systems, plus the high capacity of the DVD-RAM and DVD-R media, will make the new LaCie drive especially popular with creative developers and videographers.
CAPACITY: In storage capacity, single-sided DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD-RAM disks each hold up to 4.
The RAM Promotion Group organises joint exhibition booths, at major trade shows in Japan, North America, and Europe, carries out exhibitions and demonstrations of DVD-RAM related products, disseminates information via a Web site on the Internet and publishes materials to promote the widespread adoption of the DVD-RAM format.
has introduced the PowerFile Solo Writer, a $3,000 jukebox that reads/writes DVD-RAM discs, and reads CD-R, DVD-ROM, and DVD-R (Authoring).
Bell Microproducts (Nasdaq:BELM), has selected ASACA's TeraCart(R) DVD-RAM libraries to bring rewritable DVD technology to its line of high-end storage solutions.