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DVDRDigital Versatile Disk Recordable
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They simply provide us with a playable master disc on Recordable DVDR, and we process and protect it.
7GB LightScribe DVDRs are available in vibrant shades of red, orange, yellow, blue and green in addition to the original gold color.
TEAC now offers a complete line of Disc Publishing products from inkjet and thermal printers to CDR and DVDR duplicators and our revolutionary P55 dye-sublimation printer which is the highest-resolution Photo Quality disc printer in the market today.
For DVD, the driver delivers 8X DVDR on single-layer media, 4X DVD+/-R on Double-Layer and Dual-Layer (DL) media, and 5X DVD-RAM.
Verbatim/MKM DVDR discs are produced with patented Metal AZO(TM) recording layer technology which provides increased sensitivity to laser light -- the key requirement for high-speed recording.
The DVDR subsystem features include a best-in-class analog video decoder with 3D Y/C separation and time-base correction, a high-resolution progressive scan video encoder, and full system support for authoring and editing DVDs in DVD-Video, DVD-VR, and DVD+VR formats with full verifier compliant accuracy.
Manufacturer Adds 1x10 DVDR Duplicator to Its Disc Publishing Product Line
LAS VEGAS -- BenQ, a leading manufacturer of digital lifestyle devices, today announced a new line of CDR LightScribe and DVDR media.
I will most certainly have my digital TV and DVDR (DVD Recorder) set to record the England games so I can review and watch at my leisure after I see each one live and appreciate the in-stadium experience a second time around - with even better viewing quality.