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DVDRWDigital Versatile Disc - Rewriteable
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We have listened and the result is the 1:3 DVD/CD Tower Publisher HLS with even faster LightScribe DVDRW recorders.
All the family can enjoy this fantastic prize which is compatible with DVD, CD, DVDRW and MP3.
It is ready for storing and sharing digital media with an ample 250GB(1) hard drive and a 8X Multi-Format Dual Layer DVDRW w/ DVD-RAM featuring LabelFlash.
Specification: Hewlett Packard Hp External Usb Dvdrw Drive (f2b56aa)- (or Equivalent)
An upgraded version of this computer is also available for $339 with DVDRW, DVD, SurfSafe (Web Filtering) and VirusSafe (Virus Protection).
11abg Wireless Mini PCIe, a TV Tuner and DVD/CDRW/Dual Layer DVDRW enabling the user to back up over 8GB of data or more than four hours of multimedia content.
In addition, it's ready for storing and sharing large digital media files with a huge 320GB(1) hard drive and a Multi-Format Dual Layer DVDRW with DVD-RAM and LabelFlash Technology(2).
In addition, the A230 includes DVD/CDRW/Dual Layer DVDRW, Bluetooth, 3 USB2 ports, Firewire, 10/100/1000 LAN, and weighs around 1.
It includes a 16x Dual Layer DVDRW, Microsoft Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005, Creative Labs I-Trigue 2.
Ready to take on the latest applications, the Gateway P-7811FX comes with leading-edge technology including 4GB of memory, a huge 200GB(1) hard drive, an available second drive bay, and a Multi-Format Dual Layer DVDRW w/ DVD-RAM with LabelFlash(2).
1" widescreen X-black LCD screen, Sony MOTION EYE video camera, Super Multi Double Layer DVDRW and a pre-installed copy of Skype 2.