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DVLDamn Vulnerable Linux (software troubleshooting)
DVLDoppler Velocity Log
DVLDigital Video Link
DVLDigital Visual Literacy (education)
DVLDefense Virtual Library
DVLDriver and Vehicle Licencing
DVLDirect Voice Link
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5) Associate Professor, Department of DVL, Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada.
DVL is one of the best selling products for Onair, especially in the African and Middle East countries.
22 January 2015 - US-based communications firms DVL Public Relations and Advertising and Seigenthaler Public Relations, Inc.
Passthru" mode is a dead reckoned solution using self contained AHRS data that is inherently robust and reliable when combined with DVL data.
For complete information on the TeraCart DVL systems, visit the ASACA website at http://www.
Using quality solutions from industry leader Liebert, DVL, Inc.
3) Postgraduate Student, Department of DVL, Andhra Medical College.
Howell; the project team includes mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (M/E/P) engineer DVL Consulting Engineers; civil engineer AKRF; and sustainability consultant EME Group.
But when the DVL A wrote to McArevey's brother at his home in Shropshire, informing him that the licence was no longer valid he wrote back saying he had no knowledge of the speeding offence and as far as he was concerned had lost the licence some time ago.
So, if you like retro but with a bit of digital fizz, you'll love JVC's GR-DVL920, the newest update to the high-band DVL range.
New portable DVL series mini-central dryer/loader from Thoreson-McCosh Inc.
4) Junior Resident, Department of DVL, Andhra Medical College.