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DVPDelivery Versus Payment (trading account opened by institutions)
DVPDeutsche Volkspartei (German People's Party)
DVPDigital Video Processor
DVPDigital Voice Protection (Motorola patent)
DVPDigital Voice Privacy (Motorola)
DVPDesign Validation Plan (engineering)
DVPDomestic Violence Project, Inc
DVPDusty Vinyl Productions (rap group)
DVPDeputy Vice President (job title)
DVPDecessit Vita Patris (Latin: Died in Father's Lifetime)
DVPDel Padre Visual Productions
DVPData Voice Power (Services Australia Pty Ltd)
DVPDigital Vantage Point Inc
DVPDevelopment Verification Platform (aviation)
DVPDigital Video Projection
DVPDelaware Valley Poets
DVPDigital Video Productions LLC (Atlanta, GA)
DVPDefence Video Productions (UK)
DVPDesign Verification Program
DVPDeadline Violation Probability
DVPDigital Village Pump (community networks)
DVPDemocratic Values and Practice
DVPDeep Venous Pressure
DVPDunbar Video Productions LLC (Holly, MI)
DVPDominion Virginia Power
DVPDigital Voice Processor
DVPDistinct Value Proposition (finance)
DVPDvorak for Programmers (keyboard layout variant)
DVPDon Valley Parkway (Toronto, Canada expressway)
DVPDomestic Violence Prevention
DVPDistance Vector Protocol
DVPDistinguished Visiting Professor
DVPDisney Vacation Planning
DVPDifferential Value Proposition (measurement)
DVPDivision Vice President
DVPDistinguished Visitor Program
DVPdivalproex sodium
DVPDedicated Voice Port
DVPDiverse Voices Project
DVPDivision of Violence Prevention
DVPDomestic Violence Program
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Under the DVP physicians would contract with one of a number of vendors that would negotiate prices for physicians and offer opportunities for shared savings.
A continuacion se presentan un caso de migracion intracraneal de una DVP, en un paciente pediatrico portador de hidranencefalia y se discuten brevemente los posibles mecanismos involucrados en su genesis.
The proportions of manual interventions observed in DVP and COM were compared using odds ratios (OR).
While this possibility certainly exists, we are not aware of this actually having taken place since the implementation of the DVP model.
DVP is a securities industry procedure in which payment for a security must be made when the security is delivered.
113) In South Baden, some of the former members of the Agrarian Association joined the DVP, which under the leadership of Stresemann supported the Weimar Republic, while others joined the newly founded Baden Agrarian Association (Badische Landbund), and later joined the Nazi Party which had just begun to operate in South Baden from 1928.
The genetic at phenotypic correlations obtained between HP48 with DVP and PTA were from 0.
definition of the account(s) and custody of the account assets with instructions to conduct investment transactions on a DVP basis to an independent third-party custodian selected by the governmental entity for safekeeping;
The new BCC procedure-a part of the DVP model- which took effect on the 5th of May, means that a buying investor will be paid cash compensation in the event of securities being unavailable for delivery to the buying investor on settlement date.
The market has now processed trades for a full week under the new DVP environment, with great operational success, said the Qatari bourse in a statement.
Two days later a red Vauxhall Astra Merit, registered L389 DVP, was stolen from Wilden Lane by thieves using a white unmarked low loader.
DVP replaces the Katrina Disaster Housing Assistance Program (KDHAP), which expired on Jan.