DVPEDry Vapor Pressure Equivalent
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or would the sight of it bring recollections calculated to enervate and distress?
An artful cabal in that council would be able to distract and to enervate the whole system of administration.
For great empires, while they stand, do enervate and destroy the forces of the natives which they have subdued, resting upon their own protecting forces; and then when they fail also, all goes to ruin, and they become a prey.
What is the nature of the luxury which enervates and destroys nations?
A perilous solitude, for it lasted long enough to enervate, not long enough to fortify me.
Tulliver was determined not to encourage such shuffling people any longer; and a ride along the Basset lanes was not likely to enervate a man's resolution by softening his temper.
Gasoline Percentage needed to Reach the Nonflammable DVPE
In Table 7 we assigned a minimum design temperature of 15[degrees]C to blends made using such a summer gasoline and estimated that a minimum blend DVPE of 16kPa would be required without ethanol.
For similar blends containing ethanol we estimated that a minimum DVPE of 24kPa would be required.
Overall there was no correlation between T50 and driveability demerits, DVPE, or [T.
9 or higher on the correlations between T50, DVPE and TV/ L=20 for these fuels).
659 (Figures 6a-c) [19] and CRC 668 (Figures 7a-c) [15], the authors found no effect on driveability for ethanol content at any of the measured levels other than its impact on DVPE.