DVPSDigital Video Production System
DVPSDepartment of Veterinary Paraclinical Sciences (University of the Philippines)
DVPSDelaware Valley Paleontological Society (Maple Shade, New Jersey)
DVPSDomestic Violence Program Shelter
DVPSDelaware Valley Plastic Surgery (Marlton, NJ)
DVPSDon Valley Primary School (Australia)
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John's father attended a full groupwork programme, and his mother attends the DVPS Partners Group.
Entertainment Television, Lifetime Television, The Weather Channel, Fox Sports, The Soap Network, Toon Network, WGN, and Sunshine Network who have adopted DG's DVPS technology for the digital delivery of commercials.
Mark Dunn, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, of DG Systems commented, "The DVPS adoption by an industry leader like CBS is an important milestone toward allowing the television broadcast industry to take advantage of technologies which streamline the ad delivery process.
Max Kirkland, Director of Advanced Automation Systems for Tribune Broadcasting Group, added, "We are using DG Systems' new DVPS 5.
The system upgrade will allow television broadcast stations with a DG Systems' DVPS unit to view spots from any PC at the station.
DG's DVPS units enable television stations to receive and play video spots delivered through DG Systems' digital distribution network, thereby giving stations greater access to agency business, increased productivity, and improved video quality.
Note to Editors: DG Systems, ADvantage Digital Video Playback System, and ADvantage DVPS are trademarks of Digital Generation Systems, Inc.
Digital delivery through the DG Systems network directly to the ADvantage DVPS (which can store up to 250 thirty-second commercials) can also streamline station operations by eliminating the need for stations to manually download satellite deliveries or manage tape cassettes.
DG Systems, ADvantage Digital Video Playback System and ADvantage DVPS are trademarks of Digital Generation Systems, Inc.
DG Systems plans to provide each television station with the Pentium-based, rack-mountable DVPS and an accompanying Hughes Network Systems DirecPC satellite dish at no cost to the station.