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DVRDigital Video Recorder
DVRDigital Video Recording
DVRDover (Amtrak station code; Dover, DE)
DVRDigital Voice Recorder
DVRDomestic Violence Report (law enforcement)
DVRDevice Driver (File Name Extension)
DVRDivision of Vocational Rehabilitation
DVRDirect Volume Rendering (collection of methods for volume visualization)
DVRDistance Vector Routing (network protocol)
DVRDouble-Valve Replacement (medical)
DVRDistance Vector Routing
DVRDvd Video Recorder
DVRDynamic Voltage Restorer
DVRDistributed Virtual Routing (computer networking)
DVRDistributed Virtual Reality (computer networking)
DVRDivision of Vital Records
DVRDatenverarbeitungsregisternummer (German: Data processing register; Austria)
DVRDésobstruction des Voies Respiratoires (French: Clearing of Respiratory Tract)
DVRDeep Vibes Recordings (record label)
DVRData Verification Record
DVRDynamic Voltage Regulator
DVRDesign Verification Report
DVRData Validation Review
DVRDelay Variance Routing Protocol
DVRDetailed Verification Requirement
DVRDeutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat eV
DVRDual Voltage Relay (electrical equipment)
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Keeping your recordings organized is a snap with Apricorn's DVR Expander.
A DVR also improves family life: half of those with families say that it has given them the freedom to have meals together again
Your DVR eSATA or USB port must be active to use the DVR Expander.
Your DVR eSATA port must be active to use the DVR Xpander.
89% of Americans, 81% of British, 80% of Australians and 78% of Italians all reported that the DVR has improved how much they enjoy watching television
A DVR or personal video recorder (PVR) lets you record TV shows in digital format to a disk drive within the TV set-top box.
The DVR Xpander comes with a stand, eSATA cable, AC power adapter and Quick Start Guide.
Digeo - Exhibited a Moxi[TM] multi-room DVR with CableCARD interface; Moxi's DVR application has been ported to OCAP.
According to the Yankee Group Report, Technology on Fast Forward: 2006 to 2011 US DVR Forecast, published today, the Advertising 2.
Cliff Cooke, President and CEO of SYS, added, "SYS has deployed over 10,000 DVR systems worldwide and continues to provide operational tools to improve the cost efficiency of video surveillance systems on corporate networks.
The parent company, Sunplus Technology, keeps working on Home Entertainment IC solutions such as VCD/DVD, DVR DVB and LCD TV.