DVRNDomestic Violence Resource Network (US DHHS)
DVRNDense Virtual Routed Network (Crescent Networks)
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DVRN will also offer application-aware, packetlevel QoS, which Crescent calls "Application QoS", or AQS.
To understand, how DVRN works, it's helpful to first understand the change that DWDM brought to the optical networking market.
By enabling carriers to see in realtime what's happening throughout the thousands of routed networks created by Crescent Networks DVRN platform, the integrations with Micromuse's flagship Netcool(R)/OMNIbus(TM) application allows them to respond to problems before they impact network-based business services.
Crescent Networks DVRN is the winner of SuperComm's SuperQuest Award for most promising edge/core network technology.
These appointments further strengthen our first-class team and validate our leading advances for DVRN solutions for carrier profitability.
Crescent Networks DVRN solution dramatically accelerates IP service delivery, liberating service providers from today's IP network design limitations and economical constraints.
DVRN also complements the evolving access, core and data center build outs.