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DVTDeep Vein Thrombosis (blood clot)
DVTDeep Venous (Vein) Thrombosis
DVTDesign Verification Testing
DVTDistributed Voice Technologies
DVTDigital Video Tape
DVTDigital Virtual Test
DVTDevelopment Verification Test
DVTDigital Video Transcript
DVTDevice Type
DVTDriving Van Trailer (railway)
DVTDry Valve Technology (scuba diving)
DVTDesign Verification Test
DVTDigital Video Technology
DVTDevelopment Verification Testing
DVTData Visualization Tool
DVTDynamic VingTshun (self defense)
DVTDigital Video Transport (Way of transporting video data over a secure network)
DVTDesign Verification and Testing
DVTDigital Video Terminal
DVTDigital Television Technology
DVTData Verification Test
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The signs and the symptoms of DVT differ from one patient to another and are unspecific but are still very important and recommended for the initial evaluation of patients with suspected DVT, said lead author Professor Lucia Mazzolai.
Postoperative patients in neurosurgery department need strict control of hemorrhage risk in the perioperative period, severe neurological deficits may be associated with long-term immobilization and some brain tumors are associated with state of hypercoagulability, resulting in a higher rate of DVT in neurosurgery department.
Of the various available prediction rules, Wells' criteria for DVT and PE have been most frequently evaluated in outpatients (2,9) (Table 1).
Patients previously diagnosed with DVT or venous thromboembolism (VTE).
Diagnosing DVT Your GP will advise you to have a specialised blood test called a D-dimer test which detects pieces of blood clot that are loose in your bloodstream.
Compression Solutions is a BOC-accredited, durable medical equipment provider and manufacturer of the Triple Play ProTM and Triple Play VT[R] DVT prevention devices.
Gunumuzde DVT proflaksisinde farmakolojik olarak dusuk molekul agirlikli heparin, mekanik olarak ise elastik bandaj, varis corabi ve intermittan pnomotik kompresyon cihazlari kullanilmaktadir.