DVUDeutsche Volksunion (German Peoples Union)
DVUDomestic Violence Unit
DVUDigital Voice Unit
DVUDriver-Vehicle Unit
DVUDahlia Vereniging Utrecht (Dutch: Dahlia Society of Utrecht; Utrecht, Netherlands)
DVUDiscovery Valley Utility (San Marcos, CA)
DVUDirect Vision Urethrotomy (urology)
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Valor p DVU 56,66 16,61 13,35 19,22 [less than or equal to] 0,05 * ND 1,99 3,58 54,94 41,64 [less than or equal to] 0,05 * PS 41,40 16,15 31,93 30,44 [greater than or equal to] 0,05 Teste de Linguagem Infantil ABFW--Vocabulario Parte B (ABFW); Grupo controle (GC); Grupo experimental (GE); Designacao verbal usual (DVU); Nao designacao (ND); Processo de substituicao (PS).
The DVU 7000 is a Dual Mode Modulator that features a Universal Digital Modulator platform as well as an Analog PAL B/G Modulator.
And on this axis spins a movement that cannot be completely measured by counting votes for fringe parties such as the DVU.
The DVU as a party does not even really exist (it has no organisational structures and is bankrolled by its leader, the multi-millionaire neo-Nazi publisher Gerhard Frey).
The Republican Party is more likely than the DVU to have some significant role in the 1994 Bundestag election.
Brancalioni et al, 2011 GDF apresentou menor numero de DVU do que GDFN em todos os campos conceituais, sendo tal diferenca estatisticamente significante; 75% das criancas de GNFN apresentaram duas ou menos ocorrencias de Nao Designacoes (ND), deste modo, GDF apresentou maiores percentuais de ND.
Yet, rather than accept a national identity based upon universal values of democracy, human rights and equality, right extremist parties such as the REP, DVU, and NPD adopt an ascriptive national identity with roots in nationalist and racist ideas of identity and belonging.
La DVU es mas un club de viejos nazis nostalgicos que un partido politico" dice Schroeder.
The DVU needed five per cent to cross a threshold that would give them one member of Parliament and most observers had expected them to get little more than that.
The German People's Union, or DVU, shot from nowhere to win 12.
O desempenho dos grupos foi comparado concomitantemente, a partir das categorias DVU (Designacao por vocabulo usual), ND (Nao-designacao) e VER (Processo de Substituicao).
The single institutional accreditation of KGSM and DVU means pooled resources across undergraduate and graduate levels," said Worth.