DVXDevastating Vocal Xcellence (rap quartet)
DVXDigital Voice Exchange
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Scaling can also be done locally and remotely; the DVX ensures all signal outputs are scaled to each display's individual native resolution.
Alan Tibbits, of DVX Productions, says: "The icing on the cake was persuading Dame Judi Dench to agree to undertake the Shakespeare readings.
Subject to the requirements described in the applicable prospectus, the ETNs can be sold in the secondary market during trading hours at market prices, and may typically be redeemed in 25,000 units for VIX and DVX, and 50,000 units for PBO on a daily basis directly to Barclays Capital Inc.
From its Brut Prestige, Cuvee M and Blanc de Noirs ($18 each) nonvintage offerings through its refreshing 2001 Blanc de Blancs ($25), Reserve Brut ($25), also a nonvintage, to some of its top-of-the-line DVX bottlings, including the current 1999 ($45), attendees sipped and discussed the merits of blending, age, fruitiness, yeast and other factors with winemaker Rob McNeil.
has developed a new software application to support its customers who use tape or logical-drive archiving options for First Line DVX systems.
Finally, each pod has two local Mac mini computers with wireless keyboard and mouse--all run by an individual DVX 3155 all-in-one presentation switcher.
In response to the market demand for the popular DVX family of DVI extenders, which have been installed in over 1,000 locations worldwide, SmartAVI has created the UDX family of DVI-D/USB extenders
A wide selection of configurations includes the Marathon DVX, a low-cost dedicated digital video/audio live transmission system; the Marathon Quattro, a four-camera solution for digital audio/video recording and live transmissions; and the Marathon DVRX, an 8-, 16-, or 32-camera solution.
Our DVX series incorporates many AMX technologies, including smart scale, which ensures signal output is scaled to every display's native resolution.
The First Line DVX is a digital recorder, multiplexer, and switcher that replaces analog systems.
The CD features uproarious new surprises such as "Sax Man," featuring Jack Black, "Santana DVX," featuring Bay area rapper and The Click founder E-40, and "Like a Boss," among others.
When I was managing FedEx DVX," said TransGuardian's Jim Moseley, "I remember a Vice President at Zale Corporation telling me, 'I know your insurance is good and you'll pay a loss if we lose a parcel.