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DWBDriving While Black (racial profiling)
DWBDutch Warmblood (registered horse breed)
DWBDriving Without Brakes (hypermiling)
DWBDon't Write Back
DWBDirty White Boy
DWBDry Weight Basis
DWBDeath Watch Bunker
DWBDoctors Without Borders USA
DWBDirector of Works and Buildings
DWBDumm Wie Brot (German: As Dumb As Bread)
DWBDenver Water Board (Colorado)
DWBDélégation Wallonie-Bruxelles au Québec (French: Wallonia-Brussels Delegation in Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
DWBDwarven Work Boots (Everquest game)
DWBData Workbench
DWBDiscrete Wiring Board
DWBD Wild Bunch (gaming clan)
DWBDakota Western Bank
DWBDistributed Weight & Balance
DWBDirect Wafer Bond/Bonding
DWBDarth Writer's Block (Star Wars Fanfiction Term)
DWBDoctor Who Bulletin/Dreamwatch Bulletin (UK sci-fi magazine)
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The DWB had been anaerobically digested at the MRWP and was harvested from the anaerobic lagoon at the site.
Above, Emma Ballson, |director of DWB Cleaning Services
Legg notes that "lots of health and safety practitioners have different views about incentives and suggestion schemes, but with our DWB campaign we have certainly found that where you involve people, you really can push the boundaries of the results that you get.
344) As discussed above, DWB is not the best analogy for the problem of institutional discretion.
DWB can now also refer to "Driving While Brown" as anti-immigrant sentiment continues to permeate throughout the nation, including parts of suburban Chicago.
We had a great night and thoroughly appreciated the warm reception given by all the people who came to listen to DWB and also Johhny Whitehills Real Deal.
4) reveals that all of the granulated biosolid treatments supplied in excess of the 1-NLBAR supply target (250kg/ha of mineral N) by 2 months, except for the DWB treatment, due to mineral N losses as gases (i.
Synanthedon Washington Trece, DWB 4 7 scitula Carroll 2 3 Faulkner 1 1 Abbreviations: BC: Oak, Rhododendron, Ash, Banded Ash, Lilac borer; GRB: Grape Root Borer; SVB: Squash Vine Borer; RCB: Raspberry Crown Borer; RCW: Raspberry Clearwing; GPTB: Greater Peach Tree Borer; LPTB: Lesser Peach Tree Borer; DWB: Dogwood Borer.
Until the middle of the last decade, racial and ethnic profiling traveled pretty much under the radar screen, though African Americans and some other minorities had long complained about being pulled over for DWB ("Driving While Black/Brown"), a play on the offense of DWI ("Driving While Intoxicated").
Some of the acronyms for the larger prison gangs include: AB for the Aryan Brotherhood; AW for the Aryan Warrior; DWB for the Dirty White Boys; NLR for the Nazi Low Rider; ABT for the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas; NF for the Nuestra Familia; NR for the Nuestra Raza; EME for the Mexican Mafia; EMI for the Mexikanemi; SNM for the Sindicato Nuevo Mexico (New Mexico Syndicate); TS for the Texas Syndicate; and BGF for the Black Guerrilla Family.
She said: "Invariably you're stopped for a DWB check, that's a Driving While Black check.