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DWLD-Link Wireless Lan
DWLDeadweight Loss (microneconomics)
DWLDrilling with Liner (energy)
DWLDisingenuous White Liberal
DWLDoppler Wind Lidar
DWLDying with Laughter
DWLDivided Word-Line
DWLDoctor Williams's Library (London, England, UK)
DWLDual-Wield (World of Warcraft gaming)
DWLDon't Write Letters! (Steven Den Beste blog)
DWLDerived Working Level
DWLDownward Looking
DWLDatum Waterline (watercraft design)
DWLDouble White Line
DWLDefense within Limits (insurance)
DWLDesigner's Waterline
DWLDetector-Window Length
DWLDesigned Load Waterline (engineering)
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DWL policies may heighten the need to send excess ad damnum letters [which explain the amount that can be recovered under a default judgment] to policyholders and convey the latter's right to engage separate counsel.
The first is the Unemployment Loss Index, DWL divided by gross domestic product (GDP), which indicates how large labor market inefficiency is relative to total output in the economy.
Like other women's liberation organizations, DWL agonized over the intersection of the personal and political: the institutions of marriage and motherhood, housework, sexuality, relationships with women and men.
Initially, DWL is targeting a number of specific vertical markets, including financial services, insurance and retail.
Ultimately, ISO withdrew the form, but many insurers continue to use manuscript general liability DWL policies for their larger commercial risks, and many non-admitted insurers utilize DWL policies with even smaller commercial entities.
The council and DWL are looking at a range of ways they can cut down energy costs and carbon emissions.
IBM (NYSE: IBM) and DWL, a provider of unified business services software, have announced a worldwide strategic alliance to deliver comprehensive enterprise customer administration solutions for global 1000 financial services companies.
His Phoenix central library (designed with DWL Architects) takes, he says, at least part of its inspiration from the mesas of Monument Valley.
The accreditation shows that DWL supplies lamb only from farms where the highest standards of animal husbandry are practised.