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DYKEDiagonal Wire Cutter
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Those who wish to be safe had better go soon, for the dykes will be opened to-morrow, and who can fly when the whole country is under water?
Mr Dyke quotes Mr Davies as saying: "Blair skillfully piled the pressure on and did nothing to discharge the promise there should be no resignations.
Only Offa could have built Dyke OFFA''S Dyke not built by King Offa?
We all make cake out of the same flour, but we implement fuzzy logic differently," notes Frank Dyke, v.
In the year before his death, Van Dyke completed his handwritten autobiography.
Straight to Hell, the film you want to see (or may not, depending on your tolerance for violence) but never will, is part of a wider campaign created by Dyke Action Machine
He authorised the move after the appointment of Labour-supporting Greg Dyke as the new Director General of the BBC.
Van Dyke Technologies, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, develops secure access solutions for Windows PCs and servers, including the VShell(TM) SSH2 server.
A man makes dyke around a retail shop in Jalle, Bor county, 14 Aug.
at least five individuals stopped their cars to help, Van Dyke said.
MULTAN -- The Punjab government in collaboration with the World Bank will complete restoration work of five dykes around Trimmu barrage damaged during the flood 2014, at a cost of Rs 900 million, said Irrigation official.
the FA was criticised for appointing Fabio Capello and Sven-Goran Eriksson before Hodgson's tenure, but Dyke is refusing to rule out going down the same road again this time around.