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DYSDivision of Youth Services
DYSFamilial Dysautonomia
DYSDo You See?
DYSDNA Y-Chromosome Segment (genetics)
DYSDistrict Youth Secretary
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Another way DYS is building a solid workforce is by recruiting diverse individuals.
DYS divided the state into five regions so that confined youths could remain within driving distance of their homes and families.
In the April 4 Item story, Barbara Morton, director for the central region of DYS, said the majority of the students would stay in the house for school, those being the so-called "track one'' offenders.
We next used digital PCR to quantitatively assess the copy number difference between the YRS and DYS assays for 4 third-trimester plasma samples from pregnancies carrying male fetuses.
Thus, significantly higher pain intensity ratings were expected in the DYS and IS subgroups than in the AC subgroup.
3) DYS staff will help young people develop and demonstrate "competencies," or proactive and positive skills.
DYS Analytics Inc, an enterprise traffic management solutions provider, has announced the latest version of its Email CONTROL
Worldwide Computer Products News-29 January 2002-New DYS Analytics' Email CONTROL
For each of the five scales with significant sex differences (A, D, PA, DYS, and PASS), females scored higher than males.