DYSCDiscovery Young Scientist Challenge
DYSCDistrict Youth Steering Committee
DYSCDynamic Sag Corrector
DYSCDeltona Youth Soccer Club (Florida, USA)
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The purpose of the present study, therefore, was to investigate the nature and focus of effective math training for assisting elementary school students with MD or DYSC.
According to the literature, a distinction can be drawn between DYSC and MD in terms of the severity and pervasiveness of a child's difficulties in various mathematical skills.
What clinical changes are generated by the two types of training in both children with DYSC and those with MD?
Nineteen students had a diagnosis of DYSC and 35 had MD.
DYSC experimental group: 10 students with dyscalculia who received the individualized training.
DYSC control group: 9 students with dyscalculia who attended the control training program.
Students were classified with DYSC if they scored at least 1.
posttraining) analysis of variance (ANOVA), separately for DYSC and MD groups.
Entrants to the DYSC compete to become one of 400 Semifinalists who each receive a $25 Discovery gift certificate and a certificate of recognition.
DCI), in partnership with Science Service, created the DYSC to enable middle school students to participate in a national science fair competition.
To qualify for a DYSC nomination, nominees need to place in a South Carolina Regional Science & Engineering Fair which must be an ISEF-affiliated fair.
DCI and Science Service created the DYSC to enable middle school students to compete in a national science competition, an opportunity that previously had only been available to high school students.