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DZDDouble Zeta-Diffuse
DZDDjazaïr Dinar (Algerian national currency)
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established credit facilities with a syndicate of Algerian and international banks in an amount of DZD 82 billion (approximately USD 0.
The revenues for local assemblies increased from DZD 19.
In addition to the monthly requirement, DZD has committed to purchase a minimum of 25 WII 2500 (liter per day) generators and 10 WII 5000 (liter per day) generators per year.
In Algeria, Djezzy maintained its leadership position, but revenue was down 2% YoY to DZD 33 billion as a result of increased competition in the country.
Summary: Algeria's sector of insurance has achieved a turnover of DZD 23.
The 3G license will cost DZD 3 billion (approximately USD 40 million) and will be valid for 15 years, after which successive renewals will be in five-year fixed terms.
Summary: ALGIERS- Over DZD 2,800 billion (nearly US$ 38bn) has been allocated as part of the public investment programme for 2010-2014 so as to help achieve an overall development in the sector of transports.
On Tuesday, CEO of Algiers Subway Company (EMA) said Algeria is planning to invest over 447 billion DZD (6 billion U.
A budget of DZD 852bn has been devoted to the national education sector, for notably the construction of more than 3,000 primary schools, more than 1,000 secondary schools, 850 high schools, and other facilities.
Summary: Thirty-six billion dinars out of DZD 41 bn have been written off, following the decision made by the State last year, declared on Thursday Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Rachid Benaissa.